Cheap Couture Alert: McQueen debuts line for Target/Money Flies Out of Wallet



So…I’ve done a very, very bad thing.


Or have I?


In theory, I could’ve bought almost every item offered, but restrained myself to a measly…six. OOPS. This is horrible! This is wonderful! This is horrible! Why must the cycle always carry on as such? As one of my esteemed friends and fashion school colleagues put it: buy, buy, buy/lament, lament, lament. I suppose this is part of the chic, modern girl condition. Right?! RIGHT. At least that’s what I tell myself. I also suppose this is what overtime is for. Without a doubt McQueen is worth my every penny.


McQueen’s pieces for Target are both accessible, given the target market (no pun intended, ha), and without hesitation, distinctly McQueen. I love the heavy-hand with the black and even better juxtaposed with a pop of hot pink. Yes, the black/hot pink 80s rock chic thing has been played time and time again, but McQueen blends this influence in with a minimalistic (very NOT 80s, people) geometric groove that does not just consist of basic, played-out, graphic tees. Perhaps the biggest McQueen bang for your buck? The dresses. They are both practical and edgy; I am particularly in love the back of the “Wild Dove” dress I bought.



Come and get it, ladies.

Come and get it, ladies.



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