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Lindsay Lohan as…MADONNA?! Hayden Panawhatserface as…Amelia Earhart?! We’re already coining Michelle Obama as a style icon (to be debated) and choose Alicia Keys, age 13, to portray the seasoned Harvard-degree-holding First Lady? These are Glamour‘s choices, not mine. These are just a few of the confusing treasures plucked from its latest American Icons spread.


Really though: is Amelia Earhart a style icon? Should I feel guilty for asking this?! Talented, of course. Daring, YES. Both important in the fashion world. But style icon? Not really sure, but…whatever. Yes, there are some weighty, inarguable choices here. Audrey Hepburn. I will not contest this choice for fear of being slashed in the night. Plus, it’s “Women’s History Month” so I can’t say anything bad about women. Oops? Will someone please tell me who Chanel Iman is? It’s W.H.M. please educate me.  So let me get this straight: this marginally-known woman, who painfully and ironically bears the names of two undeniably monstrous fashion faces, is portraying… a woman whom Glamour percieves a “style icon”: tennis player Althea Gibson. GOT IT.


Really, I don’t know who half these “models” are! Emma Roberts who? And since when does anyone give a damn about Elisha Cuthbert? At least Lohan makes headlines and wears couture.

Dubious choices if you ask me; in both the “model” and “style icon” categories. Lose/Lose. And where the frick is Marilyn Monroe? M. Tyler Moore and no M.M.? Much disappointment. And I love me some Lou Grant.

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4 responses to “Style “icons”

  1. I have to agree with the questionable style icons. Amelia Earheart, Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama? And of course not knocking Mrs. Obama in any way…I am sure she is wonderful with politics, law, and public policy…but not all lawyers are fashion savvy. If someone has fashion sense it exudes their person. Especially, when you as the first lady and have the funds to back up your wardrobe. And yes, I acknowledge she dresses moderately to reflect our dire economic times but you can pull a phat outfit together from the Salvation Army. She is no Jackie Kennedy and I think the comparison just started because it was catchy to say the “O” thing. But maybe she can hire a stylist…you dont have to wear Stella McCartney to look fab.

  2. Indeed. And I’m pretty sure–now maybe this is a reach–that Amelia Earhart does not exude fashion. No, no she does not. Bravery and balls? Absofreakinglutely.

    M.M on the other hand, YES. But I guess L. Lohan already portrayed HER in a “controversial” photoshoot, so her poor, pill-popping compatriot is passé by default.

  3. I wonder if they meant general American Icons and not “style” icons?

    If they did mean style icons, you are spot on, though. I can’t say I have ever had the urge to dress like Amelia Earhart…

  4. You know, I thought about that too, and I think part of the reason why I was so riled up was because I heard about the article thanks to the newsfeed on and they headlined the story of the spread as “70 years of American Style Icons” although the “Glamour” article itself is…perhaps less emphasized on the style bit?

    Sort of. 😉

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